World class facilities

Our state-of-the art facilities, strategically located in close proximity to Mongstad base, are purpose-built for safety, quality, delivery and cost optimization.

Our production facility can handle large modules with regards to weight and volume, providing access to both ends of the unit for up to 32 meters length. Access in and around the buildings is excellent with ample space for trucks and trailers to load and off-load. All our sandblast- and paint units are climate-controlled and have great ventilation and heat capacity.

Storage and maintenance

One of our workshops is tailor made for efficient storage, maintenance and testing of Ultra Deepwater Blowout Preventers (BOP). The facilities includes an 8 x 8 x 8m test pit with a combined crane capacity of 240 tons and a stack-up height of 19 meters.

Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility is ensured with solar power system on the rooftop which makes us close to self-sufficient with power.  The plant consists of 1276 solar panels, covers about 2500 sqm2 of the roof’s surface and will have an annual output of 350 000 kWh.

We have established a recovery plant for sandblasting-sand and solvents.

Key capabilities:

Sandblasting cabin32 x 11 x 7 meters – Gate 10 x 7 meters
Paint cabin 132 x 11 x 7 – Gate 10 x 7 meters
Paint cabin 226 x 9 x 7 meters – Gate 8 x 7 meters
Paint cabin 324 x 9 x 7 – Gate 8 x 7 meters