Surface treatment

Sandblasting and surface treatment

  • Pipes and pipe systems
  • Valves
  • Marine risers and subsea equipment
  • Structures
  • Various sizes of tanks and whole plants/facilities
  • Metallization
  • Casing and drill pipe


Metallization is a kind of surface treatment that gives a robust surface and is excellent protection against corrosion.  The coating is performed on a sandblasted surface and makes the equipment heat-resistant and long-lasting ability. We use aluminium or zink for this kind of treatment and the procedure is performed by FROSIO certified personnel.

Buoyancy repair

PSW Solutions is an industry leader in marine riser buoyancy repair. Our personnel have solid competence and long experience within the discipline.

  • Carbon fiber bars for reinforcement of fractured surfaces
  • Remodeling and modification
  • Color coding system for pressure classification
  • Track record of repairs and upgrades of approx. 2500 buoyancy element for risers


We have personnel with good competence and long experience in the surface profession.

This also involves FROSIO inspectors. 

Bunker fuel tank maintenance

PSW Solutions specialize in bunker fuel tank maintenance.

We perform surface treatment of bunker fuel tanks, both internal and external, and our tailor-made containers are equipped for various types of treatment and paint.

All treatment is executed by highly qualified personnel including our own Frosio inspectors, and we can mobilize at short notice to our customer`s location.

When scaffolding is needed, we have good collaborating partners.

Complete riser repair service center

PSW Solutions provide a complete service center for the manufacturing, modification, maintenance, re-certification and repair of riser and riser related equipment. With experience from repair and upgrade of over 2500 marine risers, we are the leading supplier of buoyancy repair services.