A unique BOP test center

PSW Group’s continuing work to reduce rig-time, minimize risk and save costs for our customers has led to the establishment of the only fully functional land-based BOP test facilities in the world.

The complete BOP pressure and function test center is located at our new 10.000 sqm facilities at Mongstad, Norway, which is energy self-sufficient on solar power from one of Norway’s largest solar panel plants. The test center enables us to move yet another operation from rig to land and ensures quality of delivery in a controlled environment.

Operators are responsible for ensuring that BOPs are properly maintained and recertified according to regulations. The correct maintenance of well control equipment is critical, making traceability during BOP recertification a serious consideration. The challenge, until now, has been that parts of the BOP classification process can be carried out on land, but due to the lack of a fully functional test center, testing takes place offshore. This process is time-consuming, and drilling cannot commence until testing is complete and all faults are corrected.

PSW has this autumn together with a customer and OEM completed an entire BOP overhaul from disassembly, inspection, sandblasting, paint, reassembly, to testing and parts replacement, and delivered a fully tested BOP offshore. Our test facilities can replicate the rig set-up, and subsea personnel from the client can operate the test facility and run a complete function and pressure test of the BOP as executed on the rig. This minimizes risks and ensures traceability throughout the operation.

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