LOI for the purchase of Europe’s largest quay crane

PSW Group and Wergeland Group increases port capacity in Sløvåg with a Skyhook quay crane 

PSW Group and Wergeland Group have signed a Letter of Intent with Huisman for the delivery of a Skyhook quayside crane at the Gulen Industrial Harbour, Norway.

The crane will be a major contributor in Gulen’s industrial harbour efforts to become the preferred logistics and assembly port for the growing offshore wind market, as well as greatly increase capacity towards oil-and gas developments on the Norwegian continental shelf. The crane will be rail-operated so that in addition to heavy lifting at the deep-water quay, it can serve several parts of the industrial area, such as the 100m wide dry dock which is currently being built in collaboration with Wergeland. When operated in the dock, it can be used both for ordinary lifting and with the boom traversing over large parts of the dock’s width. The crane will have a capacity of 2600mt and will be able to perform lifts 170 meters above the waterline with a “superfly jib” mounted.

Oddbjørn Haukøy, CEO of PSW Group, says the following about the agreement: “By entering into this letter of intent with Wergeland and Huisman, PSW strengthens its position as a leading provider of complete services to the energy sector. Over the years, PSW has established a long-standing partnership with Wergeland. The new state-of-the-art quay crane will further strengthen the dry dock’s capacity in oil-and gas, the maritime industry and renewable energy”.

For additional information, please see the Huisman press-release,

or contact Gardar Olav Frøyen, EVP International Operations, PSW Group

Photo: Wergeland Group

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